Posted by: Sukanya Patwardhan | September 1, 2009

Aude Aliquid Dignum

This is from Joe Vitale’s book – Life’s Missing Instruction Manual : I discovered a sixteenth- century Latin phrase that speaks to the whole issue of goal setting : Aude aliquid dignum. It translates to mean “Dare something worthy” Ah! How it conjures up the noblest within us. When you think of daring something worthy, you get past your ego and your limitations. You start to think of the world and helping others. Some people have a goal of losing a few pounds, or making more money, or getting a raise a in a new job.Those are all valid goals. But a goal that dares something worthy will be bigger. It might be to achieve the all time fitness level for you. Or to break all known records of your business. Or to start and achieve a dream that affects the planet. When you dare something worthy, you tap into all the energy within yourself, and you align yourself, and you align yourself with universe’s desire to grow. Dare something worthy and you unlock the powers of yourself and all that is.

Dare something worthy and you feel your heart sing.

Dare something worthy.



  1. Joe,
    Thank you for tuning me into this wonderful site.

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